Hallo liebe Leser, von Zeit zu Zeit werde ich hier Bilder von meinen Projekten zeigen.
Hello dear readers, from time to time I`ll give you pictures from my costumes.

18th century:
2009: My first stays, chemise and jupe. The stays are too big.... mmpf....

2010: My very first 18century gown: a polonaise a la Ikea . I was very proud of me.
2012: a purple cotton round-gown (shoes are not authentic)
2013: an open robe for a masked ball in Hamburg

2013: a pierrot-jacket, stomacher and jupe


2011: I say to this: my Christmas-Nikolaus-pregnant gown

2012: my sense and sensibility patterns-gown of white batist

2012: my bib-front dress, worn by my sister- in- law, she looks so sweet


2013: my 30s gown for the 30th Birthday. The pattern is from a magazine from 1936. Unfortunately I didn´t take a picture of the full gown.

Larp (Live-action-role-playing):

2014: My Hobbit Outfit.

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